Garden Design and You

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Gardening can be a rewarding activity and can add beauty and even monetary value to your home and its surroundings. Gardening is fun for everybody, young or old, experienced or not, because it allows you to create something beautiful with your own hands. The sky is literally the limit as to what you can plant and grow in your garden depending upon your own desires and personality. Let's examine some options that you have before you begin to plant your garden.

One of the most popular types of gardens is the English Country style garden. Consisting of both flowers and an assortment of plants, this old English garden is a favorite among those that grow both flowers and food to eat. Traditional English Country gardens are based on the type of gardens found on the estates of wealthy landowners, which usually have formal rows of hedges, stone paths, and possibly decorated with ornaments such as statues. Wildflowers are a common feature that is seen within English country garden amidst all of the artwork and landscaping. It's also common to find a pond, or fountain, along with a bench or two where people can sit and admire the surroundings. Gardening can be exceptionally worthwhile and fun if you create a butterfly garden for all to see. The goal is to plant certain plants that will attract butterflies from neighboring areas that are quite a sight to see. The key ingredient to having a successful butterfly garden is growing plants with nectar that will attract them on a daily basis. Other factors to consider are to make sure the garden does not get a lot of wind, but gets plenty of sunshine. In general, the best flowers to attract butterflies are colorful and fragrant ones, so this also gives you a reason to create an attractive, multicolored garden that also has a pleasant fragrance. Your garden will actually be magical with stellar colors in your flowers and butterflies that will visit every day.

While some enjoy the appearance of cultivated flowers, a wildflower garden is preferred by others. Especially if you use plants that grow natively in your area, these gardens are easy to maintain and look natural Find flowers to transplant in a rural community or buy seeds at a greenhouse or garden center. While wildflowers don't usually need as much attention as cultivated flowers or plants, you do have to consider the particular needs of the species you choose. To provide you with a voluptuous look all year, plant a selection of wildflowers that bloom in varying seasons.

The type of garden you select will show both your sense of style and your personality. Your choice of a consumable vegetable or herb garden or a garden whose primary purpose is to beautify your surroundings is also a consideration. Planting cheerful flowers and healthy vegetables together works as well. The options are all at your fingertips.

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